Getting Started

Devs code, I write. Have been doing this for 3 years and don't want to stop. Mostly write for blockchain products and companies because I believe they will win.

Can handle tech posts, code samples, API docs, guides, tutorials, UX copy. I also run a Hive witness node and build apps for blockchain communities, which is a nice bonus.

My recent projects are implemented via the Docs-as-Code methodology. Using this approach to documentation, you can receive and incorporate high-quality feedback from developers faster, as well as maintain the latest industry standards.

For the last couple of years, I've been working remotely and prefer such a form of delivering value. It boosts productivity and helps to create a more exciting environment and individual lifestyle. The ultimate goal is work satisfaction, collaboration, and meaningful contribution. Work for work's sake is a dangerous path to choose.

You can find most of my work on Github: