Chasing ghosts of unmet expectations and external pressure, a desire to prove something to your parents, your friends, or even yourself rarely gives satisfaction and fulfillment. You achieve things that matter on a surface level but might not be aligned with your deepest desires.

You hide authenticity behind the mask of another person just to make your ego feel certain but does it make your soul experience happiness? I doubt it. See, we chase things that might not be worth focusing on. We fill the needs that are not as important. We do the opposite of what our heart wants, yet we obey the thoughts somebody placed in us.

A thought is a mere illusion, a subconscious brain vomit if you will, a mix of what our life has taught us, a combo of everything we’ve ever heard and experienced. Often it’s hard to distinguish between your real conscious opinion and your fake society thought. I mean, how do you know which one is which? You can spend decades trying to uncover such a phenomenon but what exactly will you achieve through this?

In fact, this very thought is probably not mine. I’m not even sure that these words are truly unique in their essence but what I know for sure is that it’s just The Thought. It’s not yours, it’s simply an entity. You don’t have to fight it but observe its behavior. If sometimes feels off in your mind, it’s not your fault. It’s the current state of The Mind.

I know this is all contradictory and I can’t provide you the facts because I haven’t been there yet but guess what, it doesn’t make it less true. A true maturity of your soul begins with separating The Thought or The Mind from your own personality. By possessing this power you can finally let go of what other people think about you, or even what you think about yourself. You become complete, calm, and patient. You become your true self, the same one you were born as.