The crypto journey can’t go smooth all the time. You end up having pain and struggles, but that’s what makes this industry so unique. Everyone has their own crypto fuckups. Here are mine:

  1. In 2011, I was offered to mine Bitcoin and split the profits. I rejected and didn’t even study the tech! I saw the profits of my friends (new phones, laptops, cash) but still ignored everything. It took me 5 full years to rediscover Bitcoin again! Lesson: never say no to new opportunities, DYOR first, and then decide.

  2. I didn’t buy ETH when it was $1, I didn’t understand its potential. I started mining ETH at $10, I thought I’d get more than just buying, but the difficulty readjusted too fast, so I end up having less. I then sold all of my ETH when the DAO hack happened and had 0 ETH during the 2017 cycle top. Lesson: never bet against projects with network effects, strong developer communities, and prominent investors.

  3. I put my first $1000 into Bitcoin, Bitclub, and Onecoin. The latter two were the biggest crypto scams of all time. I don’t blame myself for that, but that was a good learning experience. Lesson: DYOR better.

  4. My first gold purchase was made via PAX Gold. I was thrilled to diversify. Guess what? It pumped 10% (super unusual for gold), then dumped 11%. I somehow sold with no profit! Lesson: don’t invest in what you don’t understand.

  5. I was hired by a blockchain company and didn’t know there are certain crypto benefits, so I didn’t get any because I didn’t ask for it. Lesson: always ask about crypto benefits when you’re hired, even if they don’t exist yet.

  6. I was helping to accept cryptocurrencies in-store during the beginning of a bear market. No wonder people didn’t want to pay. Lesson: people don’t want to spend assets that decrease in value in their eyes, stablecoins will work better for payments.

  7. My first public speaking event was on a very cool stage with dozens of people. I was showing how to pay with digital hryvnia, a stablecoin for Ukrainian currency (UAH). The transaction didn’t work! Well, they never do in public. Lesson: always have a backup phone to show how the app works when you’re on stage.

  8. I made a ton of money on Dash, enough to buy a house. I sold it at the peak but then invested in Syscoin masternode during the bear market and lost 90% of the entire portfolio in mere days. Lesson: don’t invest in masternodes, understand in which market you’re in (bull or bear), cash out regularly when you have plenty of profits.

  9. I was a validator for Steem blockchain for about a year, developed a reputation there, was working on different projects. At some point, Steemit Inc, the company that was working on the core code for Steem blockchain, was sold out to Justin Sun. Because of that, all of my voters gave their vote to top validators to support the creation of a new chain, Hive. I still didn’t get my votes back, even though people promised to do so. Lesson: never fall for false promises!

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