Hey all. I'm Dmitry. This page is a combination of everything you need to know about me.

Professional Experience

OMG Network (March-December 2020)

Hive (2019 - present)

Paytomat (April 2017 - November 2019)

  • Doubled the audience engagement by creating technical posts, guides, manuals.
  • Was a major contributor to Paytomat Whitepaper (v1-v2).
  • Helped to define the direction of the network by participating in Google Design Sprint.
  • Demonstrated the company’s products to hundreds of people in 9 countries (UAE, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.)
  • Accomplished product-market fit research in a 4-months accelerator program (MaGIC GAP) in Malaysia.

Dash (April 2017 - May 2018)

  • Presented Dash to dozens of people during local and international meetups.
  • Introduced Dash to local POS software providers (Poster, Profit Solutions, 1C, etc.)

Awards & Achievements


  • Content writing and copywriting.
  • Product testing and presentation on public (conferences, meetups, etc.)
  • Build web apps with VueJS or React.
  • Basic DevOps skills (server setup and maintenance).
  • Work with static site generators: Jekyll, Docusaurus.
  • Purchase domains, publish blogs and websites to hosting providers.