On Distractions

Over the last couple of weeks I became quite distracted, so here's a list of some things that helped me to get back on track. Helpful for both remote workers and office workers.

  1. Turn off the wifi on your mobile. Prevents random notifications, messenger calls, game level updates, or whatever you're addicted to.
  2. Log out from your socials on your working device, instead schedule them (e.g. check 2-3 times a day). Remember, each time somebody interrupts you, it's harder to get back on the same level of focus.
  3. Close all the tabs in your browser. It's too tempting to check some news or email but that's not the goal for the day, right?
  4. Treat productivity as a tool to advance your life, not just getting things done. Such a mindset can shift the way you approach work and make your decisions in general. You will start questioning your contribution and the real purpose behind everything you do. Be careful though, it's too powerful.
  5. Never check any device first hour when you are awake and the last hour before bed. Helps to calm your brain before rest and prevents the unintentional start of the day.
  6. Drink water with lemon, eat more greens. Cleans your body and gives you more energy during the day.
  7. Stand while you work. Prevents you from getting tired or sleepy, protects your back from health issues. Fun fact, you can always switch between standing and sitting.
  8. Have regular breaks, ideally, every 60-70 minutes for 5 mins or so. Prevents running out of productivity and drastic sugar drop in the middle of the day.
  9. Give up unlimited to-dos, have 3 major tasks to accomplish for a given day. There's a limited number of high-quality decisions we can do in a day in any case.
  10. Have fun during work. Put a genuine smile on your face, it helps a lot.
  11. Listen to non-distracting music (LoFi, HiFi, Downtempo, Triphop, Chillmusic, instrumental Hip Hop, or anything without words). Depending on your task, this can help to set the mood and tempo, get you in the right flow. This can be perfect for writers, coders, designers.